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Learn how to transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something exciting. It's easy and fun to do...




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Wednesday 11th December 9am - 12pm








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Many thanks for this inspirational workshop. I greatly enjoyed it. Your knowledge and enthusiasm inspired me to start painting my own piece of furniture and I liked the atmosphere in your house .....very inspiring.





Where do I begin with my project? What is my style and what do I really like?

Creating a moodboard for a room is fun and a creative way to start decorating.


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Friday 13th December 1.30pm - 5pm



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I wanted to share the great experience I had, joining the MOOD BOARD Workshop with Ruth. This inspiring workshop enabled me to dig into a world of ideas to get a fresh look of my home...  greatly guided by Ruth with her expertise on colors, wallpaper, furniture and spiced with "the spirit of great living" . After the workshop I had a wonderful new idea on how to extend my bedroom, adding a no longer used children's room as a "room for quiet and reading moments and a walk in closet" - I'm so happy that I decided to join the work shop - it opened a whole new world to me and sparked my creativity - and seeing the other participants experiencing the same joy was such a wonderful thing really.
My best recommendation to anyone who wants to open up to new interior ideas, creating a MOOD BOARD will certainly get you their!

Suzanne Ritter



Moodboard Workshop

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